Thompson Drilling Company

Thompson Drilling is primarily a rotary mud and diamond drilling specialist for the mining industry – water supply, re-injection, dewatering, in situ mining, exploration, environmental & agriculture and ground water projects in soft sedimentary environments.

Thompson Drilling specialise in multi aquifer artesian drilling to depths in excess of 500m. We have equipment capable of drilling through Great Artesian Basin (GAB) pressurised aquifers.

We have a number of highly experienced Drilling Supervisors that are nationally accredited (ADIA) Class 3, Class 2 and Class 1 Drillers on staff.

Thompson Drilling also has the technology to drill soft sedimentary open hole with diamond tails (core) in artesian areas.  We are also adept at drilling and setting pre-collars for oil and gas exploration wells in artesian aquifer regions. Thompson Drilling also undertakes various mineral exploration drilling programs, both diamond and soft sedimentary drilling.